F1 in Schools World FInals 2022

Who We Are

Greco Racing is a Greek collaboration team consisting of National Champions Anatolian Racers from Anatolian College and Second Runners-up Grace from Serres' 3rd General High School, competing in the F1 in Schools World Finals 21(22) in the United Kingdom, spring of 2022.
All members have a passion for building a better world and inspiring others to do so as well!


F1 in Schools

F1 in Schools, one of the biggest STEM programs, changes the lives of it’s 20 million participants from over 45 different countries by challenging teams to operate like a Formula 1 team commissioned to design a miniature car powered by a compressed air cylinder

Sustainable Philosophy - Go Green Race To Win

We feel obliged to do the best we can to save the planet, and operate as Young Ambassadors of Sustainable Development in Greece, hence our team’s identity is inextricably linked to sustainability. We are devoted to having an eco-friendly approach to all of our project’s aspects, taking into account the outlook each action will have on the environment, society, and the economy. We also promote the circular economy and its implementation, hoping to ecologically sensitize the next generation and inspire you, our sponsors, our peers, as well as our competitors to adopt a greener approach in their daily lives.

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