Metal Surface Treatment

In 1983, Iliadis Brothers, having had experience in the expertise of electrostatic coating since 1977, establish Electrovam in Thessaloniki, its main occupation involving electrostatic coating of iron and aluminum.
The company has been operating for 35 years in privately owned premises of 6.000 m 2 . By means of continuing investments in state-of-the-art equipment, facilities, productive procedure and human resources, the company has emerged as one of the biggest units of coating in Greece and the Balkans.
Through a strict selection of raw materials, developed procedures of production and ISO Certificates, the company offers quality solutions to all of our customers’ needs, with fast shipping and high quality services. In our facilities there are three independently operating units of electrostatic coating: Steel, Aluminum and Wood Finishing.
The Aluminum coating unit can assist the coating of 20 tons of aluminum daily, while the unit of Steel coating covers any customer’s quantitative requirement, due to its robotic systems of production, which render it one of the biggest units of iron coating in the Balkans.
Electrovam functions entirely environmentally friendly and with respect to the eco-system, since the beginning of its establishment, the company has been applying systems of waste chemical cleaning and recycling of industrial materials, according to the environmental legislation.
The company engages over 60 employees, emphasizes on the best working and safety conditions for the staff and produces products of high requirements and specifications with certificates.