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Greco the Brand

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Our Logo

A logo is the most significant part of creating your team identity. It combines a team’s name and colors and is the first glimpse of the audience with our team making its value pivotal to our performance. The logo was created with help from a professional graphic designer by bringing to life the ideas suggested from the team and its members. The design is minimalistic but dynamic, taking into consideration the links to the concepts from which the design stems, such as the Greek flag and our care for the environment. We tried to work with contrasting shapes having curves in the leaf design as well as the “gr” and having some more angular linework in “ECO” contributing to this sense of dynamism. The leaf in our design is also there in order to reinforce our environmental representation in the logo.


Our Name

The name, Greco, simultaneously expresses our homeland, Greece, which we proudly represent in the World Finals, and our mission to leave a positive impact on society through ecologically friendly and sustainable actions by containing the word “Eco”. Through this minimalistic and easy to remember word, our entire identity is relayed!


Our slogan

Go green race to win

Combine our two majors goals in one phrase and its a reminder for us to be day by day better anv better.

Brand Guide

To maintain our identity, please read this pdf archive and aply its quidlines.

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