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Publicity to Thousand Competitors and Parties Involved

Publicity to Thousand Competitors and Parties Involved
At the National Finals there are usually around 20 teams, consisting of the most talented STEM students of the country, competing for a spot in the World Finals. Presence of the company in such an environment can lead to meeting potentially new young and highly driven employees, supporters or even customers. You can also meet other company executives involved in the competition, with whom you will share a common interest and might form new alliances.

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Supporting Young Innovators & STEM Education

F1 and hence F1 in Schools is centered around innovation as are most modern industries. Nowadays, teaching students the importance of scientific and technological innovation combined with STEM education have become crucial, if we are to hope for a brighter future. Supporting these two factors will help you gain global status, appreciation and recognition, showcasing that your company cares for the upbringing of the next generation and that it is able to adapt to the most modern educational trends.

Anatolia College Partner & In-School Exposure

Anatolia College not only wholeheartedly supports STEM Education, but also the F1 in Schools competition and the teams that represent it every year. By becoming a sponsor of our team, you will also become a partner of our school and its STEM Center, which will open new doors for you in the future. Except for the team’s efforts your company will also be displayed in the school magazines, website and newspaper. With the establishment of the new Anna Papageorgiou STEM Center this past fall, there is also the opportunity to hold events such as the presentation done to Ex-President Trump’s Technical Advisor (Mr. Michael Kratsios) in September.

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Global F1iS Community

Over 40 different countries from around the world compete in this competition, counting about 20 million students overall. Even though we are competing at a National level, through our social media your company will be broadcasted on a global scale to students aged 9-19.

 Supporting the Sustainability Race

The competition and most if not all global industries race towards achieving carbon neutrality in the near future, so supporting our team, whose vision is to innovate through sustainability, will be a great opportunity to demonstrate your company’s commitment to this cause. All actions concerning sustainability are going to be covered in the team’s portfolios, our digital media, and perhaps other media outlets, such as our school’s newspaper/website or even nationwide news outlets. This will also promote your company, boost your social profile and you will have contributed to this global movement.

National Media Coverage

As a team we are going to be exposed to a big audience from all social media platforms (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube) and other media outlets, such as radio stations, TV companies, newspapers, magazines and news websites. By becoming a supporter of our team, it is our duty to promote your company in any of our media appearances. In addition, the Nationals event is also covered in these marketing tools, which brings even more exposure to your company.