#race_green campaign

Sustainable Philosophy

Our team’s whole philosophy revolves around an eco-friendly approach facing all problems head on creating innovative solutions while taking into account the outlook they will have on the environment, the society and the economy. As such we are led to taking into consideration the pillars of sustainability while also promoting the implementation of green development in other teams, our peers and the business sector as a whole.


Tree planting



Our goal can be summed up as "Ecologically sensitizing the next generation", but that alone doesn't fully express what we are striving to achieve. As such to help you join us and assist us in achieving our goal, we will be hosting the Greco Racing #race_green sustainability campaign, in order to keep everyone updated on our work, while also inspiring our supporters to commit to the sustainable development movement. But what exactly does the #race_green campaign entail?

● Over 30 sustainability awareness posts across all social media platforms
● Weekly green news posted on website (hyperlink to green news)
● Over 10 different videos on streaming platforms explaining what sustainability is and how one can implement it into their everyday life
● A 30-Day Green month social media challenge - competition challenging our supporters to live following a sustainable lifestyle
● A plethora of sustainable energies, including webinars, art work, tree planting, food drives, plastic free ventures, local beach cleanings, communal hours, a Greco Garden and many other collaborations!

Alongside all these extra actions we also implement sustainability into all our competition related actions as mentioned below.

Green innovations and implementations


In order to push towards more implementations of eco-friendly innovations we created a sponsorship category that nudges our sponsors to further consider sustainable implementations in their business/area of work. This category gave sponsors of ours that had a green footprint and outlook on the planet certain benefits in terms of their ROI mostly in terms of where and how frequently the company and its actions are promoted.

Green sponsors category


We decided the best way to contribute to social sustainability would be through organizing events that aimed to create interaction between the team and the community in fun but productive events where sustainability challenges were addressed. A prime example was a beach cleanup we attended and helped with the cleaning.


Green events

5.1 (1).jpg

A big part of the F1iS competition is the team’s presentation in the form of the pit display. While the pit display certainly has proven to be an incredibly effective and appealing method of presenting a team’s journey, goals and accomplishments, it can have negative effects to the environment. In order to spread the message we created a design with a plethora of sustainability implementations those being the following


Green car


In case of an unsuccessful print, the material is not thrown away but is recycled. The outsourced SLA prints that failed were handled by our partner. They also made sure that any fumes produced were not emitted into the air. The FDM prints were given away to our school lab which has a recycling center for 3D printed plastics. In our design, to reduce the plastic used we opted for brim instead of raft for our Build Plate Adhesion Setting and oriented the design in a way so as to minimize the supports needed.


Eco 3D Printing


Seeing as though we implemented our philosophy into our team’s identity, making eco-friendly promotional materials and merchandise was a no-brainer. Examples include our pens and notebooks that are made from biodegradable materials. Not only does this minimize our direct waste but it also helps raise the buyers’ awareness since simply by wearing GRECO racing merch they are reminded of the fight we are putting up daily to help contribute to a greener future.

Green promotional materials


We decided to organize a sustainability campaign through our social media to raise awareness of its importance amongst our followers. Posts regarding water efficiency, energy usage as well as different sustainability challenges were promoted to help advertise environmental sustainability. Furthermore, social sustainability is an important part of our social media campaign. The female “me too” movement inspired our social media campaign for the participation of Women in STEM. Also, through the F1 in Schools Club we educated a lot of girls that took part in the project. We promote the concept of sustainability and its importance through hashtags and informative posts.




By working with our partners and expressing our need to work sustainably we found a way to innovatively cut the car from the side minimizing our CNC waste.


Green pit display


To make sure that no mistakes are made during this last stage, some tests were performed on scrap models to familiarize ourselves with the method. So, instead of throwing away one of our test cars from the nationals, we reused it as a model where we could practice the assembly process. We drilled extra holes for the axles and tried on the tether guides several times so as to familiarize with the process. This way when the final assembly time would come, we could execute easily. We also aimed to use an eco-friendly paint, that is cost-efficient, has low health risk and environmental impact.


Quality Assurance