Optimus Energy, affiliate company of TERNA ENERGY S.A. the largest res producer in Greece, is the first energy asset management company in Greece that provides physical and financial optimization of renewable energy assets operating in energy markets in Greece and the broader South-East European region. The company was established in 2017 following the European Commission’s “State aid guidelines for environmental protection and energy 2014-2020” and specializes in maximizing the value of renewable energy sources by trading electricity directly in the power market. Optimus Energy team has significant experience with the optimization and aggregation of renewable energy generation.
The company provides a clear contractual framework with purchase of energy at fixed and/or indexed prices to seize market opportunities and secure market revenues for renewable producers. Thus, market exposure and balance responsibilities are left for Optimus Energy’s experts. To optimize and balance renewable production, we rely on very experienced market analysts, meteorologists and academics, as well as on advanced forecasting tools and data analytics, market simulation models and risk management strategies. Our superior market access, innovative management tools, state-of-the-art processes and around-the-clock availability enable our customers to extract the full value of their renewable assets.