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The letter G in Greco Racing represents our homeland Greece, showing our pride in our heritage and the country we will be representing in the World Finals.

Anatolia College

Anatolia College located in Thessaloniki, Greece is a private, non-profit educational institution with 130 years of history. Anatolia established the STEM center in 2012, aiming not only at strengthening the existing teaching of science in school, but also in its comprehensive and effective application in the fields of Mathematics, Engineering, Technology and Science. In 2020 the Anna Papageorgiou STEM Center was created, a center designed to emphasize its relationship with science and technology alongside environmental awareness. Based on the Center's programs and with the proper guidance Anastasia, Dimitris, Panagiotis, Iasonas continued the efforts of the team @anatolianracers, which has a long history in the competition and conquered the first place for the 2021 Greek National Finals.


3rd General High School of Serres, Greece, began its journey in the competition in 2013 with the team GMAX. In 2019, after a lot of hard work, the team ranked 9th in the Greek Nationals and managed to represent Greece in Abu Dhabi in 2019 with the collaboration team, Pixel. The following year, more experienced, the GMAX team managed to win the 6th place in the National Finals and took part in the 2020 World Finals as the collaboration team Prismatic and made its presence memorable by winning the 7th place. A new team was created for the National Finals 2020-2021 with the dream to become world finalists. With the name Grace, a team was created which consists of experienced people who have participated in the past at national and world finals. Grace racing team managed to set a record for our school, winning the 3rd place in the National Finals 2021. As GRECO racing team, in collaboration with Anatolian Racers, we are aiming for the best possible place in World Finals 2021.